5678 Irish Dance

Sharing the love of Irish Dance, music and culture since 2012

About 5678 Irish Dance

5678 Irish Dance was Founded in 2012, by Amy Bowman and Brittinei Nielsen after the abrupt closure of the dance school they were attending as students and student teachers.  They were left with a few students and a summer camp that was already planned under the old school name!  They ran the summer camp anyways out of their love for sharing Irish dance and to their surprise... They were asked to keep going!

5678 Irish Dance is now a group of many local irish dance instructors who are happy to offer affordable irish dance classes, summer camps and performance opportunities for all ages.

The teachers focus on traditional Irish Dance technique and music, while incorporating modern music and other styles of dance, to create a fun and positive learning experience for all.  While the instructors enjoy continuing their own education and dance classes, they love teaching and sharing their love of Irish Culture!

We have a place for everyone! We welcome all ages and experience levels.  

We like to be creative!  While still keeping traditional Irish Dance at the core, we don't have the harsh regulations of competition in our classes which frees us up for endless dance possibilities!

We like to have fun!  Sometimes our Under 7 class wears tiger ears, sometimes we change our costumes to match the Christmas Season, we like to have fun and play around with the dance we all love so much!

We are personal! From your child's unique style of learning, to how you prefer to wear your hair... we are all about helping everyone be themselves!  

We are affordable!  Our classes start at just $25 a month.  While traditional folk dances like Irish can range upwards of $60-$100, we feel like it puts great arts like Irish Dance, out of reach to many of todays kids.  If you have more than 2 kids that want to join, please email or call us for family pricing.