5678 Irish Dance

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First, learn the basics!

8 week Intro to Irish Step Dance Series 

Give Irish Step Dancing a try!  In this 8 week series, you will learn all of the basic Irish Dance moves to get you started as well as the 4 main soft shoe dances.  Whether you're a dancer wanting to sample other kinds of dance, or you're new to dance and want to find out what you like, this is a great way to try out the original dance of Ireland.  This class will also give you a great foundation to be able to join other classes after the series!

Tuition: $60/student for the 8 week series*

*If you are new to Irish Dance and over the age of 7 you must take the Intro class first                     before joining regular lessons!  If you are 7 or under, you can jump right to the weekly class on Mondays!                    

Second, come to classes!

7 and Under

In this class, for kids 7 and under, we teach some basic Irish Dance foundation moves, play games centered around Irish Dance, and give them a good foundation to be able to leap into the other classes when they are ready!  If interested in performing, a costume will be provided and they are welcomed to perform their dance steps.  Your child may take this class and choose not to perform, just let us know.  

Beginner Class
This class combines Beginner solo steps & performance pieces for a fun class that keeps a steady repertoire of performance pieces.  Costumes are available for rent or purchase and your own Irish soft shoes are required in order to perform.
Intermediate Class
In this class, students will begin learning hard shoes as well some more intricate soft shoes and performance pieces.  Costumes are available for rent or purchase and your own Irish soft shoes and hard shoes are required in order to perform.

Advanced Class
This class is for students who know more than beginning hard shoes, and are trying to move up through the levels to harder steps.  Soft shoes and hard shoes are both taught in this class, and you are also a role model for the younger/less advanced students.  Student teaching may be introduced if student is willing.

Finally, join the performance team!

Commitment free, rent your costume, and perform what you learn in class when the opportunity arises!